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Also known as Macula Degeneration. The macula is the part of the retina which is used for fine visual tasks.  In macula degeneration this area is damaged by the buildup of deposits and sometimes leakage from blood vessels.  Symptoms include blur and distortion of the central vision.
Macula degeneration is most common after 70 and often people don’t notice symptoms until their eighties.  People who are at risk of the degeneration will be given an “amsler grid” by their optometrist or eye specialist so they can check for any changes to the vision between eye exams.
Reducing smoking, lowering blood pressure can reduce the risk of macula degeneration.
There are two types of macula degeneration, wet and dry.
DRY: Antioxidants can help progression and there is a new laser therapy available in Hamilton that can help some people. WET:  treatment is by laser or injection.