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Instructions on soft contact lens insertion and removal including which way round to apply lenses and insertion process.
Please ensure that you read the things to remember for wearing contact lenses.

Which Way Round:

If a lens is inserted inside out, it will feel uncomfortable and often give fluctuating vision.

1. Profile Method: Look at the edge profile of the lens
2. Engraving or identifying marks: If there is an engraving to identify the correct orientation of your lenses, your practitioner will demonstrate it.
3. Squeeze Test: Gently squeeze the lens between thumb and forefinger. If the edges meet, the lens is the correct way.

Lens Insertion:

To avoid confusion, make it a habit of inserting the same lens first.
Check the lens is clean and moist – if not, rinse with saline or multipurpose solution.
Check the lens is not inside out.


  • Balance the lens on the tip of your forefinger.
  • Pull the lower lid down with the middle finger of the same hand.
  • Hold the upper lid firmly from above with the middle finger of the other hand. Make sure the finger is placed just where the eyelid meets the eyelashes.
  • The eye is now wide open and the cornea exposed.
  • Place the lens directly on the eye. Move your eyes around to help centre the lens.
  • Release the lower and then the upper lid. Look down and gently close the eyes. Rub the top lid lightly to rub out any trapped air bubbles.
  • If the lens is not properly centred on the cornea, gently manipulate by using fingertips and eyelids.

Lens Removal:

  • Re-wet the contact lenses with one drop of solution to help the lens slide off the eye, especially if they are a little dry.
  • Place index finger on the lens.
  • Look up.
  • Slide lens to the white part of the eye using the index finger.
  • Gently squeeze the lens between thumb and forefinger to remove the lens.

Important Things to Remember:

It is important that you discontinue lens wear if you experience persistent discomfort, redness or blurred vision and we advise that you consult your practitioner. Lenses should not be worn while sleeping unless advised by your practitioner. Extended wear lenses for overnight wear require special instructions from your practitioner.
While wearing lenses, do not use any eye drops other than those, which your practitioner may recommend. Consult your eye care practitioner if in doubt.

Lenses must be stored wet and always use fresh solution. Do not use expired solutions/re-wetting eye drops/tear lubricants. Discard the lenses as recommended by your practitioner. Remove lenses before using medicated eye drops, undergoing surgery or anaesthesia. It is also not advisable to wear lenses during periods of illness such as colds and influenza.

Avoid moisturiser, liquid hand soaps and products with moisturising additives before handling lenses, please ensure to insert lenses before applying makeup and avoid hairspray if possible. Lenses may become contaminated if worn in swimming pools or saunas.