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We are all aware of how important it is to protect our skin from the sun and its damaging effects. Many people do not realise however that it is equally important to protect our eyes. Research shows that the sun’s ultra violet and infra-red rays contribute to eye diseases such as cataracts, pterygia and macula degeneration.

In the past providing sun protection to patients who wear glasses has posed a problem with many sunglasses being the wrong shape or curvature to fit optical lenses, but now those problems are over. With new lens-milling technology we are now able to provide prescription sunglass lenses into almost any sunglass frames, including the wrap-around and blade sports frames.
These include Maui Jim, Oakley and Adidas frames with the clip-in and out lenses, so popular with cyclists, runners and golfers. Sports enthusiasts who require a prescription are no longer at a disadvantage, because most prescription lenses can now be fitted directly into these types of frames doing away with the prescription insert that clips in to the back of the frame, making it more convenient and with an increased field of vision.

There are also many options for the type of sun protection we can provide. Whether you are into fishing and water sports requiring a polarized lens, high contrast drive wear or a changing tint option there is a lens to suit every need. Specialised tints and coatings for the outdoors are very popular including mirror coatings for skiing and high contrast tints and filters for shooting. The reduced weight and impact resistance of our modern lenses means prescription sunglasses are now safe for rigorous activity so your eyes can remain protected.

And if you don’t need prescription glasses to help you focus, we have a wide range of non-prescription sunglasses available in store also.